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Please, mummy, buy me a dog!- asked a little boy with a pleading look.

How many times have we heard this request? And most of us could not resist it.
We always have had dogs in our family. But they were big gun-dogs and belong to my father.
And as for me I always wanted my own. My dream came true not so long time ago.

Our family consists of me Liubov Poptsova (I am also ideas producer), my husband Jury (he is financial director) and my son Andrei (he is a big helper).So three of us have been argued for a long time about the new future family member. And in the September of the year 2000 I met Larisa Soponaru, the owner of kennel Simpatija, where we bought a beautiful black-and-white hair puppy of American Staff Rik Zibininku. He is not only making us happy with his nice temper, but and with his success in the dog-shows.    

People say,  just get one dog and another will appears himself. It is true. And it had happened to us. I still kept in touch with Larisa Soponaru, when she brought brand new breed of a dog from Moscow . It was Miniature Pinscher. So, she became the first breeder of Miniature Pinschers in Lithuania . By this time I finally realized that this breed of the dogs is what I was dreaming about. I was waiting And finally in the June, 2002 J became the owner of a red puppy girl Skarlet Simpatija .This small charming girl gets success not only in the dog-shows, where she gets the title of Lithuanian Champion, but and among people that sea her. So,my career of a breeder began. In the year 2003 I registered kennel Vakaru Favoritas. The same year Skarlet was breed with Derek Zlotij Kanijon, and in 2004 with Made in Spain Obiwan Kenobi (he is imported from Spain to Sankt-Petersburg).After this stud service/breed four lovely puppies were born. I could not resist one of them, so we adopted one more redder female puppy (Marsela Obiken Vakaru Favoritas).


Our kennel is still very young and not experienced enough .And as an owner of the kennel I am still missing some knowledge in this busyness. But with a help of my friends and colleges I hope to do my best in Minpins breeding.

I must thank Larisa Soponaru (kennel Simpatija) for the chance to know this breed of the dog and to purchase it, Natalja Shtiriova (kennel Sandora) for the help and support. Special gratitude to Natalja Zorina (kennel Multatuli), for her practical advices and help in creating this webpage.

I hope, that our work was not for nothing and You, my dear visitor, will not regret about the moments that You have spent here. My dear visitor, please, fined a few minutes and leave Your references in our guest book.        

Sincerely yours

Liubov Poptsova

The owner of kennel Vakaru Favoritas



2007 kennel Vakaru Favoritas

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